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Pros and Cons of CAPTCHA entry job from Home without investment

As online jobs are playing a vital role in many of our life. So most of the people surfing in internet for online jobs which all can be done from their place without commute to workplace. So I like to share few ideas in this article about online jobs which are trusted.
Many women searching for online jobs, so that they can take care of their family and earn money to support her family’s monthly income level.
I would like to suggest you some online jobs which are flexible, easy to work and you can work without commute. If you surf through the internet for online jobs, you can find more number of jobs but the case is it should be trusted and that must able to do by you.
An another fear factor in doing online job is all about the payment. You may think that how can I get my payment for the job am doing. Continue reading the article I will clear all your queries.

Online Jobs

After surfing in the internet you may find jobs like data entry job, survey jobs, CAPTCHA entry jobs, article writing, content writing, editing, blogging and etc. This is the place where you get confused and getting struggled to select the job.
Let me tell you about CAPTCHA Entry Jobs which you can do easily and earn money without investing.

CAPTCHA Entry Jobs

Initially you must know what is CAPTCHA? We all computer users know CAPTCHA is a program for security purpose but actually CAPTCHA means a program that can generate and grade testa that human can pass but computer programs can not pass.
So CAPTCHA’s have several applications for practical security.
CAPTCHA entry jobs opportunity is available all over the web and it is specially for people who wants to make money easily and safely without any scam.
This is suitable for people who are looking for an easy method to start and generate a steady income every month.
CAPTCHA entry job is a simple and genuine way to make money online about $200 per month. There is no limit to amount of money you earn per month.
So, CAPTCHA entry jobs are simple, easy and genuine to make money online.

How can I get my payment?

As CAPTCHA entry jobs client is Megatypers. Payment for this job is as per megatypers payment. You will get paid $1 for 1000 CAPTCHA words which takes 1 hour to complete the task. Once you reach $3 in your current pay rate you can request for your payment.
Every week Monday you will get paid as per server time. The additional benefit is more words you enter, the more money you earn. So getting payment is not so difficult. Your payment details will be given to megatypers once you register with them.

How to join?

Once you came to know about data Entry Jobs and about their payment, now you are willing to start your job with them.

Steps to join in CAPTCHA entry jobs

  1. CAPTCHA entry jobs client is mega typers
  2. To go working with them, go to and register with the required details
  3. You create 5 megatypers account with different payment details with same details
  4. Creating multiple accounts won’t get banned anytime and you will be safe with your account
  5. You should work for minimum of 5 hours per day

Advantages of CAPTCHA entry job

  • Legitimate to typers
  • Genuine to work
  • Scam free online job
  • Work from your home
  • Use your spare time to work
  • No work load
  • No time limit
  • Massive monthly income

Disadvantages of CAPTCHA entry job

  • You should complete each picture in maximum of 15 sec
  • If you take more than 15 sec you would be kicked out
  • If you get more than 2 to 3 kicked out warning in a day your account will be banned for 24 hours
  • Sometimes your account will be banned permanently
  • Should it download while working on megatypers
I hope this article about data entry jobs will help you to start your work from home. Leave your comment how much it helps you and ask queries to clarify your doubts about CAPTCHA entry jobs.

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